• Steve Bell

    “Rarely do major innovations come along that will utterly revolutionise and area of health. Aesthetic dentistry is one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare – as more people demand and deserve a great smile. Today there is a merging of micron precision robotics with digital planning that, for the first time, unlocks the ability for all dentists to deliver precision smiles via veneers. This breakthrough is made real by Lupin Dental – and this is going to be one of the biggest revolutions in dentistry in modern times.”

    Steve Bell

    Medical Robotics Thought Leader

  • Dr. Farzeela Rupani BSc, BDS, MSc

    “The Lupin Robotic System embodies a digital version of the founders’ expertise, both intellectual and technical with the potential to enhance patient satisfaction and confidence by empowering clinicians to consistently deliver enhanced quality care and aesthetics in a reproducible manner. This revolutionary system could completely redefine our clinical workflows and significantly impact the patient and dentist journey in the future. The experienced team are committed to pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo, and I am excited to see how this unfolds over the coming months”

    Dr. Farzeela Rupani BSc, BDS, MSc

    UK Chief Medical Officer, Group Chief Medical Officer & Chair CDG Medical Board